Wahhabi sect

Wahhabi sect
History of the Wahhabi establishment in accordance with the origin and history of its development as much as possible based on a variety of sources and reference books that can be accounted for, among other things, Fitnatul Wahabiyah Sayyid Ahmad Zaini Dahlan's work, I? Tirofatul Jasus Mr AI-Injizy recognition. Hempher, State of the Ottoman and Khulashatul Kalam Sayyid Ahmad Zaini Dahlan, and others.

Wahabi stream name is taken from the name of its founder, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab (born in the year 1111 Najed H / 1699 AD). Originally he was a trader who frequently move from one country to another and among nations is ever visited Baghdad, Iran, India and Sham. Later in the year 1125 AH / 1713 AD, he was influenced by a British orientalist named Mr.Hempher who worked as a British spy in the Middle East. Since then he became a tool for the UK to spread the new doctrine. UK does have successfully established sects even a new religion in the middle like the Ahmadiyya Muslims and Baha? I. Even Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab is also included in the program target of the colonial working with Wahabi stream.

At first Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab live in the neighborhood schools of Hanbali Sunni followers, even his father Sheikh Abdul Wahab is a good Sunni, as are the teachers. But from the beginning his father and his teachers have a hunch that is not good about him that he was going astray and spread heresy.They even told the people to be careful about it. It was not long after hunch was right. After it was proved against him and gave him a special warning. Even his brother, Sulaiman bin Abdul Wahab, the clergy? of the Hanbali madhhab, writes to him with a rebuttal book As-Sawa title? iqul Divining Fir alal Wahabiyah Raddi. Also do not miss one of the teachers in Madinah, Sheikh Muhammad bin Sulaiman AI-Kurdi as-Syafi? I, write a letter of advice:? O Ibn Abd al-Wahab, I menasehatimu for God, resist mengkafirkan lisanmu of the Muslims, if you hear someone believes ditawassuli that people can benefit without the will of Allah, then teach him the truth and explain their argument that besides Allah can not benefit or madharrat, when he opposed the so-so she thought you were disbelieved, but you may not mengkafirkan Sawadul As-A? Dham (group majority) among the Muslims, as you move away from the largest group, those who stay away from the largest group closer to paganism, because he did not follow the path of Muslims?.

As we know that Ahlus Sunnah schools today is the largest group. He said:? And whoever opposes the Apostle after the obvious truth for him, and follow the path that is not the way of the believers, we leave it freely to the error that has mastered it (God let them wallow in error) and we put it into the jahannam, and jahannam was an evil refuge (Surat An-Nisa 115)

One of the doctrines (believed by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab, is mengkufurkan Sunni Muslims who practice tawassul, grave pilgrimage, the Prophet's birthday, and others. Various arguments are presented accurately Ahlussunnah wal jama? Ah deals with tawassul, as well as the grave pilgrimage birthday, was rejected without an acceptable reason. Even more than that, it turned mengkafirkan the Muslims from 600 the previous year, including the teachers themselves.

On one occasion someone asked Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab,? How many God saves people from hell during Ramadan? He immediately replied,? Every night God frees 100 thousand people, and at the end of the night of Ramadan Allah frees as much a matter of people who have been freed from the beginning to the end of Ramadan? He asked again? If so followers do not reach even one person from that number, then who are the Muslims that God freed them? Where did so many of them? While you are limiting that only followers are Muslims.?Heard Ibn Abd al-Wahab's answer was silent for a thousand languages. Nevertheless Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab ignored the advice of his father and his teachers were.

With berdalihkan purification of Islam, he continued to spread his message around the Najed. People who lack much knowledge of religion is affected. Included among his followers is the ruler of Dar? Yeah, Muhammad bin Saud (died 1178 AH / 1765 AD) the founder of the Saudi dynasty, which later became law. He supports full and use them to expand their territories. Ibn Saud himself very obedient to the command of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab. If he is ordered to kill or rob him of one's possessions so soon with the belief that the Muslims had been pagan and shirk for 600 years more, and kill the idolaters are guaranteed heaven.

From the beginning of Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab is very fond of studying the history of false prophets, such as Al-Kadzdzab Musailamah, Aswad Al-Ansiy, Tulaihah Al-Asadiy etc..Presumably he had a desire confessed prophet, it seems once when he called the followers of the region the nickname of Al-Ansar, while his followers from outside the area was nicknamed Al-immigrants. If someone wants to be his followers, he should say shahada in front of her two later had to admit that before getting Wahabi himself is polytheistic, as did his parents. He also acknowledged that the scholars are required? previously have died of the infidels. If you want to admit that he was accepted to be his followers, if not he was immediately killed.Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab also often demeaning the Prophet Muhammad in the name of the purification of faith, he also let his followers insulting the prophet before him, to the extent of his followers say? Wand is still better than Muhammad, because my stick can still be used to kill snakes, whereas Muhammad died and left no benefits at all. Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab in the presence of his followers are like the prophet before his time.More and more followers and more extensive territory. Both work together to eradicate the tradition which he considers wrong in Arab societies, such as tawassul, grave pilgrimage, Maulid warning and so on. No wonder that the followers of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab and then attacked the noble tombs. In fact, in 1802, they attacked Karbala, Iraq, the place was interred the bodies of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib. Because the cemetery is considered a potentially shirk evil to God. Two years later, they attacked Medina, destroying the existing domes over the graves, looted ornaments in Hujrah Prophet Muhammad.

The success continues to conquer Medina. They go to Mecca in 1806, and the damage kiswah, cloth Ka? Bah made of silk. Then knock down dozens of domes in Ma? La, including the dome of the Prophet Muhammad's birthplace, the birthplace of Sayyidina Abu Bakr and Sayyidina Ali, also dome Sayyidatuna Khadijah, Abdullah bin Abbas mosque. They continue the destruction of mosques and places of Solihin while cheering, singing and percussion accompaniment of drums. They also berated experts and even some of those buried in the tomb of the urine is Solihin.The Wahhabi movement was made Sultan Mahmud II, ruler of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul-Turkey, angry. Dikirimlah soldiers headquartered in Egypt, under the leadership of Muhammad Ali, to disarm him. In 1813, Medina and Mecca can be retaken.Wahabi movement subsided. But, at the beginning of the 20th century, Abdul Aziz ibn Sa? Ud rise again carried the understanding of Wahabi. 1924, he succeeded in occupying Mecca and to Medina and Jeddah, exploit the weaknesses of Turkey due to its defeat in World War I. Since then, until now, the notion of government control in Wahabi Saudi Arabia. Today the global influence of the Wahhabi movement. Riyadh spend millions of dollars each year to spread the Wahhabi ideology.Since the presence of Wahhabis, the Muslim world is never quiet mind is full of turbulence, because it always dispel the extremes of thought and understanding of religious Sunni-Syafi? I already established.

Cruelty and other Wahabi ignorance is undermining the domes on the tomb of the Prophet SAW companions who are in Ma? La (Mecca), the Baqi? and Uhud (Medina) were all demolished and razed to the ground by using dynamite crusher. Similarly, the dome on the ground of the Prophet Muhammad was born, which is in Suq al Leil razed to the ground by using dynamite and used as camel parking lot, but due to the incessant urging of the International Muslims built the library. The Wahhabis never really appreciate the heritage and respect the noble values ​​of Islam.Originally Qubbatul AI-Khadra (green dome) where the Prophet Muhammad is buried will also be destroyed and razed to the ground but because of the threat of International the savages became scared and thought better. Similarly, the entire set will be modified including the rituals of Hajj Ibrahim maqom will be shifted, but because many are against it then undone.

Development of the holy city of Makkah and Madinah recently ignoring Islamic historical sites. Just getting out of the building to witness the history of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions. The building was demolished for fear to be a place sacred. Even now, the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad in danger of being demolished for the expansion of the parking lot.Earlier, the house was first Prophet was evicted. In fact, that is where the Prophet received a revelation over and over again. On the spot for their child is born and Khadijah died.

Rigid interpretation of Islam practiced by most Wahhabism have a hand in this destruction. The Wahhabi view historical sites that could lead to a new idolatry. In July of last, Sami Angawi, an expert of Islamic architecture in the area say that some of the buildings of the ancient Islamic era threatened destroyed. At the 1,400-year-old building site was to be built the road to a high tower which is the goal of pilgrimage and Umrah pilgrims.

? At present we are witnessing the last moments of the history of Makkah. Historical section will soon be demolished to build the parking lot? he told Reuters. Angawi said at least 300 historic buildings in Mecca and Medina were destroyed during the last 50 years. Even most of the Islamic historical buildings have been extinct since Saudi Arabia was established in 1932. This is related to the edict issued by the Council of Senior Religious Empire in 1994. In the written notice,? Preservation of historic buildings has the potential to lead Muslims to worship idols.?

The fate of Islamic historic sites in Saudi Arabia is very sad.They destroy many relics of Islam since the time of Ar-Rasul SAW. All traces of the Prophet's efforts up by Wahabi-style modernization. Instead they actually bring in the archaeologists (archaeologist) from around the world at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to dig up relics of pre-Islamic ignorance both of the previous or the pretext of tourism. Then they proudly showed that pre-Islamic era have shown remarkable progress, no doubt this is the removal of historical evidence that would create a doubt in the future.

Wahhabi movement was driven by the interpreter and the extreme radical propaganda, they sow enmity and hatred backed by substantial financial. They are fond of accusing the Islamic group that is not in line with those charged with infidels, shirk and experts bid? Ah. It was as always echoed on every occasion, they never acknowledge the services of any Islamic scholars except their own group. In our country is their deep grudge and hatred to the Wali Songo are spread Islam and to the citizens of this country.

They said the mayor was still teaching polytheism mishmash of Hinduism and Buddhism, but the Mayor had been Islamized to 90% of the population of this country. Can-Wahhabi Wahhabi Islam was to her the remaining 10%? Maintain the 90% of the infidels terkaman just would not be able to, let alone want to add the remaining 10%. Instead they simply mengkafirkan people with real bertauhid to Allah SWT. If not for the grace of God that predetermine the Wali Songo to preach to our country, of people who become the mouthpiece of the Wahabi's still in animism, still pagan or heathen. (Naudzu billah min forbid).

Therefore, it should not be trusted when they claim to understand that just as sticking to the Qur? An and Sunnah. They argue especially following the example of the Salaf group claiming to be a survivor and so on, it's all nonsense. They have been incised black record in the history of the slaughter of thousands of people in Makkah and Madinah as well as other areas in the Hijaz (now called the Saudis). Do not you know that the slaughtered at that time consisted of the pious scholars and pious, even children and their children were slain in front of his mother. This bloody tragedy occurred around the year 1805. All they are doing under the pretext of combating bid? Ah, but not the name itself is a Saudi bid name? Ah? Because the country's name is replaced with the name of the Prophet Muhammad a supporter of the royal family Wahhabi ideology that is As-Sa? Ud.

It was Prophet Muhammad preached the coming of this Wahhabist ideology in some hadith, this is a prophetic sign of his SAW in reporting things before they happen. The whole of this hadeeth is saheeh, as contained in the books of Sahih Bukhari & Muslim and others. Among them:? Slander is coming from there, it's slander coming from that direction,? while pointing to the east (Najed). (Narrated by Muslim in Kitabul Fitan)

? Will come out of the east class of people who read the Holy Quran?'s But did not get past their throats (do not get to the heart), they come out of religion as an arrow out of his bow, they will not be able to come back like an arrow that will not be back into place, they are signs of a shave (Bald).? (HR 7123 Bukho no-ri, Juz 6 20 748 terms). This hadith is also narrated by Ahmad, Ibn Majah, Abu Dawud, and Ibn Hibban

Prophet Muhammad had prayed? A:? O God, give us grace in the Sham and Yemen? The Companions said: And of Najed, Messenger of Allah, he prayed? A: O Allah, give us grace in the Sham and Yemen, and on the third time he SAW said:? There (Najed) there will be fitnah and there keguncangan Similarly devil horns will appear.?, in another two devil horns.

In the hadiths are explained, that the signs they are shaved (bald). And this is a clear texts addressed to the followers of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab, because he had ordered his followers to shave every hair of his head to those who follow are not allowed to turn away from majlisnya before shaved bald.Things like this never happens in other heretical sects before. As has been said by Sayyid Abd Al-Ahdal:? Not need us to write the book to reject Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab, because it was fairly rejected by the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad himself had insisted that their signs were shaved (bald), because experts bid? ah never done this before?. Al-Allamah Sayyid bin Ahmad bin AIwi Hasan bin Abdullah Al-Quthub AI-Haddad mentions in his book Jala? Udz Dzolam a hadith narrated by Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib, the Prophet SAW:? Will come out later in the twelfth century in a valley Barry Hanifa man, who acted like a bull (pride), her tongue licking her lips is always great, in those days a lot of turmoil, they justify the wealth of the Muslims, is taken to justify the trade and the blood of the Muslims? AI-Hadith.

Barry is the false prophet Hanifa Al-Kadzdzab Musailamah and Muhammad bin Saud. Later in the book is Sayyid AIwi suggests that people are not fooled others are Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab. As to the words of the Prophet SAW which suggests that there will be keguncangan from the east (Najed) and the two horns of the devil, in part, the scholars said that what is meant by the two horns of the devil was no other is Musailamah Kadzdzab Al-Wahab and Muhammad Ibn Abd.
Founder of this doctrine wahabiyah died in 1206 AH / 1792 AD, a scholar? record year with Alphabet count:? Ba daa halaakul khobiits? (It has been a real misery People Keji) (Masun Said Alwy)

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